Accounting and Finance

Complete Financial Foundation

Paperfort ERP provides a complete, integrated financial foundation for growing businesses.

The system includes all the accounting functions necessary for companies extending business operations to include multiple companies and foreign currencies.

Auditable, GAAP Compliant Accounting

All business transactions are recorded using standards-based checks and balances that foster compliance with industry best practices.

Consistent workflow across all accounting modules allows personnel at growing companies to be cross-functional. Sound business rules generate system-validated data leading to reliable transaction records and confident business decisions.


General Ledger

Flexible chart of account that can extend multiple details. Record all financial transactions while allocating costs and revenues to the appropriate departments and accounts. Simplify the process of generating financial statements.

GL Consolidation

Combine the financial records of multiple entities within your organization to produce one consolidated set of statements.

Accounts Receivable

Facilitates control of customer accounts from invoicing through cash application and credit memo processing.

Accounts Payable

Collects information on vendor invoices, discounts, and expense distributions. Provides control over cash disbursements and related accounting functions.

Value Added Tax

Establish VAT qualifications for each transaction by applying a tax code that yields the correct result.

Bank Reconciliation

Ensures financial reports are accurate and up-to-date by managing all bank-related information, including payments, deposits, credit card transactions, and bank fees.

Tax Service Integration

Simplifies the process of determining taxes across multiple jurisdictions by automatically calculating the final sales tax amount on each invoice.

Foreign Currency

Perform financial transactions and generate reports in multiple currencies.

Revenue Recognition

Records and manages accounting entries for service agreements related to subscriptions and warranties.

Video DEMO: Remittance Entry