Julie, We wanted four documents from ABC Company
but they have only sent three, and one of them is not correct.
Did they send something to you?


Neil, I have so many files in my Inbox, Let me get
back to you once I locate them. BTW, We also need to get the
document signed and this signing app has reached its limit.


We have so many apps but none of them
do what we want. How did we end up here?

Sound familiar? Yes! this is what most businesses go through daily dealing with paper and paperwork.

This is why we build Paperfort. We understand that the dream of paperlessness starts with less paper and more integration. We help you save, share, and sign documents in one seamless platform. No more searching through your folders and scanning emails to complete your paperwork. Stop juggling from Boxes to Drives and no more docu this or box that.

Build E-forms and collect information securely!

Build E-Form and collect information from your clients and download them in an Excel file. Forms can be public or private and be associated with an event.

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Collect Documents

Build Checklists of documents
and send them to your customers. Review, approve or reject in one place.
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Get Documents Signed

Manage your documents, tag them as
frequently used, add fields, mark signature spots, and send them to your customers.

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Mailmerge and Dispatch

Mailmerge and dispatch document using data
collected from forms. Print Letter of Approvals,
Acceptance, Rejections, Certification,and
customized communication documents. Review and
dispatch them using ShareCredentials
Document Exchange Network.

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Paperfort is
for every business

Whether you are a Realtor or a CPA, a Doctor's
office, or a Day Care, Paperfort helps you manage
paper and paperwork effectively. We are constantly
listening and learning to improve
your day at the desk.

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Stories that make us feel proud!

Ria Singh, Chiropractor

COVID -19 brought new challenges but Paperfort helps us get the consent forms filled and the insurance document signed with no contact.

Lonnie Coplen, Consultant

With Paperfort I can get the contract signed quickly and manage all my vendors in one place.

Fatima, Realtor

It is so easy to bring in new customers now! Paperfort checklists help my buyer and sellers submit all documents without missing any.

Sharad Rao, Insurance Agency

My agency can now focus on getting new customers because Paperfort takes care of all paperwork.

Neil, Architect

My clients frequently change their minds and Paperfort helps me keep the document trail.

Raj, IT Recruiter

Paperfort has made it easy to collect E-RTR from candidates and the NDA signed quickly. I can submit resumes to clients faster than ever.